That match changed my life.

I sank into a space I had never visited before. In my career, I was in the middle of the food chain of national junior and collegiate tennis. I would go to the nationals every year, win a couple of matches, but that would be all. But for that one match I experienced what the top players in the nation felt; freedom, absolute and complete freedom.

The journey had begun. Not just for tennis, but for all sports, as fluid motion is produced identically for all motions in all sports. My program has been taught in 12 sports, including in MLB, NHL, and the NBA.

The Fluid Motion Factor program took a giant leap when I had the good fortune of spending considerable time with Dr. Fred Travis, a neuroscientist who worked with two Olympic teams, Norway and Denmark. Dr Travis, along with Dr Haruld Harang of Oslo University, extensively studied what the brain physiology experiences when athletes have zone experiences. Dr. Travis and I spent many hours discussing the dynamics and the environment the brain has to experience to have these kinds of career changing moments.I spent many years developing a program that mirrors what the brain experiences when golfers play their best.

The Fluid Motion Factor is a simple program that sets up by design, what golfers experience when playing their best. When a golfer is playing well, they experience time moving slow, the mind becoming quiet and the body feeling liquid and free. These experiences usually show up by chance because for sure, golfers don’t have a practice routine that sets these up by design. I will teach you how to set up these experiences by design.

The program is divided into four sets of what I call Fluid Cues. These are simple mental cues that free up the body. The revolutionary aspect of the program is these cues are not based on any aspect of sports psychology. They are based on what the mind has to experience in order to have good tempo, good positions, a solid strike, controlled wedges and everything else that has to happen during a swing in order to play consistent golf.

The program will teach you two things; how fluid motion is produced and a series of instructions that set up that subtle environment that produces fluid motion. These instructions are simple, easy to learn and produce instant results. The program will answer every question you could possibly have of exactly what you have to experience and do, in order to play your best. It changed Scott McCarrons’s career and many other golfers and it will change your career. It’s the best investment you can ever make for your game.

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