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The Fluid Motion Factor: Understanding the Source of Exceptional Golf is a revolutionary book that goes into detail as to why golfers play consistent one day and not the next. This understanding is what is missing for most golfers. If someone does not thoroughly understand why they play well, then there is always a mystery on the course. Because golf is about motion, motion is about the muscles and the operating system of the muscles is located in the mind, something in the mind must occur when golfers have their best ball-striking days. This is not based on a perspective from sports psychology, but from neurophysiology. The Fluid Motion Factor book reveals that ‘something’ in great detail and unravels the hidden element of exceptional golf. It is a book that will redefine how you understand golf and how you play it.

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Wonderful reading!
By Pete  
January 4, 2017
Really good book. Quite different from anything I’ve ever read about golf. The author does make the assumption that the golfer already has a good grasp of the swing and can access it if they do the proper actions/thoughts in this book. If you were to compare it to a bank account, you would already need to have a lot of money in the bank to get the best benefits of the ideas in the book. Even though my “bank account” might not be quite there yet, I really enjoyed what I read and tried to apply.

Very well written and an all around good read. If you play competitively
ByRobert Fahyon

September 8, 2015
This book is written for any golfer who is interested in the “why” of inconsistent performance. It is insightful, very well written and an all around good read. If you play competitively, this is a must read.


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