Rhino Page & The Fluid Motion Factor

Dec 9, 2017 

Stephen Ruiz  – Reporter for The Orlando Sentinel

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When Ryan Page was growing up in California, his ability to throw objects was pitch perfect.

His aim did not come without consequences, though. During camping trips, Ryan entertained himself by throwing rocks into the water, but his father admonished him for scaring off fish. Throwing a tennis ball against a wall at home upset his mother.

What’s a young boy to do?


“I could throw a ball as hard as I wanted against a bunch of objects,’’ Page said. “The more I knocked down, the more I loved it.’’

Page found help from an unlikely source.

He connected with Steven Yellin, a coach at the Leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate who espouses a concept called fluid motion. Yellin, a former Florida state high-school tennis champion from Hollywood, said the principle is not sport specific and boils down to teaching an athlete to relax his mind under pressure so his natural ability will flourish.

“For someone not to reach their potential with all that talent, it’s extremely frustrating,’’ Yellin said.

Yellin said he taught Page his program in five or six Skype sessions.

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