The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes


The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes takes you into the minds of super-star athletes and describes how they are able to perform so well and so consistently. The fascinating concept is that when any athlete executes a successful motion, they are experiencing identical processes in their mind. This is because everyone has the same mind-body operating system. The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes describes the mind-connection in a detailed and exhaustive manner that will give you a complete understanding of why the super-star athletes perform so consistently.




It works
By Tom J.on 

May 21, 2011
I golf and I understand how to hit a variety of shots, but I certainly wasn’t always confident and accurate when attempting to pull them off on the course; I tended to be too technical and physical and these are not desired attributes.

This book allowed me to understand why my practice swing was so smooth and rhythmic while my real swing tended to be fast and anxious. With two readings, a lot of thought, some range time and a round of golf, I changed my game beyond my expectation. After my second round and a bit more range work, I was able to apply my ‘practice’ swing much more often and therefore get a lot more from a lot less, with better accuracy. I now think ‘motion’ and what I want to achieve, not how to swing. Every day will get better without doubt.

I’ve put thousands into lessons and tons more into equipment – and yes, I’ve put in the hours. This book could have replaced most of that time and money – you still have to have a swing of course.

It’s nice to know and accept that I will be cruising further into my old age able to play better than I ever have.

Trust this ‘mind work’ and go out and get into motion!

The Silence in Sports is the Key to Performance
By Landsdowneon 

September 24, 2014
Yellin has clearly figured something out about performance under pressure. His ideas and methods helped me understand what it is that leads to a “zone” experience and how to capture it. It seems like one on one instruction is needed to truly learn this stuff. Learning to use the silence is what hooked me. Those moments prior to execution are the keys to performance. In my past, when my mind was quiet, I performed well, whether in golf or skiing. He explains why and how.


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