E-Learning Fluid Motion Factor Program


The e-learning program consists of 23 short videos.

The Fluid Motion Factor program is divided into learning four sets of Fluid Cues.

There are three learning curves in the program: range, course and competitive golf.

It is important that you practice each set of Fluid Cues on the range and then on the course.

You have unlimited access to the videos.


Everyone goes through these learning curves because everyone produces fluid motion identically.

These Fluid Cues set up by design what you normally experience by chance when you played your best. In other words, they set up consistently accessing the Fluid Motion factor, the one process in the mind that allows the mind and the body to be free.

Each set of Fluid Cues gets more powerful and it is recommended you use the fourth set of Fluid Cues when playing.

But it is important to go through all the Fluid Cues because you may take parts of each set of Fluid Cue and incorporate it into your game.

Fluid Motion Factor Overview

The Fluid Motion Factor program is a revolutionary mental zone training program that is not based on sports psychology. When someone plays exceptional golf, usually they experience three things:

  1. Time moving slower.
  2. The mind becoming quieter.
  3. The body feeling liquid and powerful.

All three of these experiences can be correlated to one process in the mind. I call this process the Fluid Motion Factor.

Unfortunately, golfers are never too sure when they are going to access the Fluid Motion Factor and when it does show up, they are not too sure for how many shots it will last and when it leaves, they are not too sure how to get it back.

The Fluid Motion Factor program teaches golfers in a simple, systematic manner how to experience by design, what they normally experience by chance, when playing their best.

In all the programs:

  • FMFP will teach someone how to have softer hands, which will result in better control of distance on wedges and putts
  • FMFP will teach someone how to access their best swings more consistently which will result in better ball-striking and lower scores
  • FMFP will teach someone how to quiet their mind when playing which will result in lower scores and just as important, more enjoyment of the game
  • FMFP will teach you how not to get overshadowed by circumstances on the course, which will result in better decision making and better course management. It will also teach you where to look after missing a shot so you can reset the clock on the next shot
  • Often, physical fatigue is a result of an over-active intellect when playing. FMFP teaches someone how to have a balanced intellect when playing, which will result, not only in less mental fatigue, but less physical fatigue as well.
  • Overall Game Lower Scores, Lower Handicap, Better Performance and more enjoyment of the game
  • FMFP gives golfers their best chance of reaching their potential in the game


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