Patti Rizzo & The Fluid Motion Factor


I have played professional golf for the past 36 years. In my hay day , I played almost 40 tournaments a year (LPGA, JLPGA). from 1982-1993.

I am now coaching the University of Miami golf team and still playing the LPGA Legends tour.

My entire golfing and coaching career i have been looking for the answer to all the advice I had been given. Advice to get out of my way, advice to stop tripping over myself, advice on breathing techniques, advice in my pre shot routine, tons of sport psychology books and lots of top sport psychologist advice.

With all the advice ,I never felt anyone hit the nail on the head. No one had the answer “how” to fix it, they just kept saying “ get out of your way “

Since reading your books and spending three great days with you, you have taught me the secret sauce . I understand now how the brain works and how to get in that “zone “ mode! Actually, to put it correctly , you have taught me how to turn the brain off and play with the ability I know I have deep down. That is what getting out of your way is all about!

Understanding how the brain functions and how to find that fluid motion has made a huge difference for me. I now know how to push the reset button (or get out of my way). I can’t wait to use it more, especially in competition . That is where I can really feel it working .

Thanks for the insight to this amazing brain we are all gifted with. Complicated it is, but impossible to figure it is not. We all have an inner self that is much smarter and wiser, it’s learning how to let that inner self flow outwardly to make us the best we can be, not only on the course but also in life !

It’s helped me get to a place that somewhere deep down I knew existed, I just didn’t know how to get there.
Sincere gratitude !

Patti Rizzo

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