Online Training

This consists of a series of 24 short videos that give you a step-by-step program to learn the Fluid Motion Factor program by teaching you four sets of ‘Fluid Cues’. These Fluid Cues set up by design what golfers normally experience usually by chance, when playing their best. There are two options to go through the online program: e-learning or blended learning. E-learning is watching the videos and blended learning is watching the videos and having five Skype or video interactions with a certified FMF instructor.

Each set of Fluid Cues have their goal and help to build a stronger foundation for playing more consistently. If you choose the blended learning program, after each set of Fluid Cues, you will connect with a Fluid Motion Factor certified instructor and talk about your experiences.

There are three learning curves in the program; range, course and tournament or competitive play. Everyone, regardless of their playing ability goes through these curves. The program teaches you a systematic method to go through all three learning curves. Just as the heart or kidney work the same for everyone; fluid motion is produced identically, regardless of ability, for everyone. That is why the program operates from such a fundamental level and can help golfers of all levels, from Tour winners to high handicap golfers.

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