An Unfair Advantage – Your Path to the PGA Tour

The following is what former PGA Tour winner David Ogrin wrote about the program to mini-tour and college players. The program is taught in Orlando at Champions Gate, David Leadbetter’s international headquarters and in Phoenix, with Buddy Biancalana. I also teach it over Skype. If you are interested in any of these programs, you can contact me at


I had the great fortune to compete and win on the PGA Tour. A few years ago I decided to stop playing and turn to teaching and coaching mostly because I am interested in talent and potential in others. To be the best coach I can be I have researched many disciplines. This is my short story of how the Fluid Motion Factor caught my attention.
Over the last 30 plus years Steven Yellin, founder of the Fluid Motion Factor, has been researching an athletic phenomenon that happened to him in college. Steven had this incredible Zone experience in his first love, tennis. He knew there was a reason why, and he knew there was no reason why an athlete should not be able to reproduce the Zone experience.
Shelly Liddick, the Women’s Golf Coach at Bellevue University and the 2012 LPGA Coach of the Year, introduced me to Steven earlier this year in 2103. I used to work with Shelly’s husband Chuck Hogan when I played my best golf and so when she said talk to Steven, I listened.
Steven and I met in San Antonio and he worked with me for three days teaching and explaining to me what he discovered. As he talked he described perfectly what happened to me when I won the 1996 Texas Open where I beat Tiger by one and Jay Haas by two. As Steven talked I became fascinated with his message and I knew almost immediately The Fluid Motion Factor was more than a theory, but the reality of what happens when we play well.
In my professional career I would float in and out of this experience. To be honest, I thought the Zone experience was a matter of luck or chance. The more Steven talked, the more I became absolutely convinced that the Zone is not a matter of chance but can be produced at will. Thus my teaching has changed and this is my question to you; if I told you I can teach you how to get into the Zone at will and command would you believe me?
Right now, right here you have the opportunity to learn how to put yourself into the Zone, quiet your mind, and access your very best golf swings more consistently. Since meeting Steven and practicing the Fluid Motion Factor with every shot I have played since April, my personal performance has been as good as it can get. I teach and thus I practice very little yet my scores remain par or better almost every time I play.
One of the byproducts of The Fluid Motion Factor is my conventional putting has come back to me. With January 1, 2016 looming to play professional golf you will need to putt conventionally. The Fluid Motion Factor has dramatically restored this part of my game. Imagine what you would do if you made more putts?
Furthermore I have seen a 100% increase in performance in every client I have seen and shared The Fluid Motion Factor. I have had almost a dozen clients shoot their lowest scores ever and one female won with maybe the worst swing ever but in the state of fluid motion. I bring that up because the evidence tells us that a perfect swing and tons of practice just does not guaranty success. The mini-tours are full of talented players with great swings and loads of desire. The question is how do you get from the mini-tour to the PGA Tour? Steven's program has the answer.
I am convinced that the information Steven Yellin has, and the way he presents it will alter the way golf is taught in the future. What is going to separate you from the rest of the guys seeking to be on Tour? If I told you I can give a very legal and very unfair advantage over your competitors who almost all believe their success is wrapped up in their golf swings would you seize that advantage? I will tell it to you straight; if I was 25 and not 55 I would embrace what Steven has to offer and ride it to the Tour. What he has to tell you is exactly what I experienced every time I played well on Tour. We will teach you how to do this on purpose, at your will, whenever you want.
I tell my high school players all the time I would muse on Tour, “If I had known then what I know now I would have been so much better.” Well if you want to know now what you will discover too late, now is the time. If you want to know what over thirty years of research as to how the mind and body work and almost thirty years of tournament golf knows, now is the time.

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