Academy Training

Steven teaches the Fluid Motion Factor Program at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Orlando. There are three options to learn the program there: a three hour program, a full day program, and a two day program, which includes unlimited follow-up, either in person or over phone or Skype.

The three-hour program consists of a 20-minute overview of how fluid motion is produced and why it breaks down. Then the student will learn, on the range, two of the four sets of Fluid Cues. These Fluid Cues set up by design what occurs usually just by chance, when they played their best. These Fluid Cues are done either behind the ball, over the ball, during the swing or after the swing. They are very simple to learn and give immediate results. Each set of Fluid Cues gets more powerful, so the second set is more powerful than the first, etc. Though in the three-hour program you will only learn the first two sets of Fluid Cues, they are powerful enough to change your game.

The one-day program consists of learning three of the four sets of Fluid Cues. It also consists of going on the course and playing four or five holes at the end of the day. The benefits of going on the course are obvious as I will be able to see what occurs when you are playing only one ball.