2016 NCAA Championship & The Fluid Motion Factor Program

In a tournament that captivated the golfing world, the University of Washington won the 2016 National Championships at Eugene Country Club in Oregon. In a semi-final match against perennial powerhouse UCLA, the Huskies came back from being three down with three to go, and extended the match into extra holes where they eventually won.

In a thrilling final matchup against defending champion Stanford, they were once again able to come back and win the national championship in extra holes. This is the first national championship for collegiate golf coach Hall of Famer and 2016 National Coach of the Year MaryLou “ML” Mulflur. MaryLou has gone through the Fluid Motion Factor program on five separate occasions.

Mulflur along with assistant coach Andrea VanderLende, during their visit to the Leadbetter Golf Academy last September.

This is what MaryLou says about the Fluid Motion Factor Program:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steven since 2013 after learning about the Fluid Motion Factor Program. I was so impressed with what he had to say that I immediately called him and scheduled 3 days with him in Iowa, where he teaches in the summer. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 30+ years of coaching! I have found Steven’s Fluid Motion Factor Program to be a game-changer. Literally. Our team uses FMF and I can see the simplicity they have gained in their swings as well as the ability to remove the drama from each outcome.”

Of the 24 teams that qualified for the national championship, five of those teams and coaches went through the Fluid Motion Factor program:

University of Washington
University of Arkansas
University of North Carolina
Ohio State University
University of Oregon

The National Champions aren’t the only team using Steven Yellin’s Fluid Motion Factor Program, other top collegiate golf coaches are singing its praises:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us implement the Fluid Motion Factor program into our team. My mission as a coach has always been to provide our players with resources and tools to help them become their best self and their best competitive self.  I believe Fluid Motion is a vital part of our program now and I know our team uses this program on a daily basis.  It has allowed us to be more free and simple while executing golf shots under pressure. Fluid Motion has also reinforced the idea that “our bank account is full” and we have all we need to reach our potential. Thank you so much for coming in and becoming an integral part of our program. I look forward to continuing to hone this skill as a coach and to continue to watch our players implement this into their games. We look forward to having Fluid Motion and you apart of our future success! Go Razorbacks!”

Shauna Estes-Taylor

University of Arkansas

Jan Mann UNC Golf

“Steven introduced the Fluid Motion Factor program to our women’s golf team in the fall of 2015.  Throughout the year the team was able to apply the techniques of the program very easily and improve their performance on the golf course.  It enabled them to free up their golf swings, trust what they already had and take their games from the practice range to the course. They began to play more consistently at a higher level.  One of our student athletes was struggling with her game when Steven came in.  He had her believing in a short period of time that she had “money in the bank” and all she had to do was learn to access it.  She gained confidence again in herself and her game and as a result finished #1 on the team in the NCAA Regionals and Championships.” 

Jan Mann

Women’s Golf Coach, University of North Carolina

Steven has helped us discover what it really takes to play great golf.  What sets him apart is that he not only knows what to do, he also shows us HOW to do it.  Our belief and understanding of fluid, quiet mind golf can definitely be attributed to our work with Steven and the Fluid Motion Factor.”

Ria Scott

Head Women’s Golf Coach, University of Oregon

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