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Scott McCarron on the Fluid Motion Factor Program

"People ask me all the time why I won 3 times on the PGA Tour and 11 times on the Champions Tour. The answer is in this book."

Scott McCarron, 2019 Schwab Cup Champion

"It's pretty simple. The Fluid Motion Factor program will make you more consistent. End of story."

David Leadbetter

"If you want to learn to quiet the mind, to play calmer and to take control over those monster thoughts that paralyze you, buy Steven's book and go through his program. It's a total game-changer."

Gaby Lopez, two-time LPGA winner

Fluid Motion Factor Training

What is the Fluid Motion Factor?

Fluid Motion Factor is a revolutionary golf program that teaches golfers how to consistently access their best golf swing. Over the past 38 years, Steven Yellin has developed a simple and powerful program that teaches golfers of all skill levels how to access the fluidity and effortlessness that comes along with being “in the zone.” The Fluid Motion Factor is not a lesson in sports psychology. It is a lesson in learning how to systematically access the one process in your mind that allows you to access what you already own and create a more consistent golf game.

online training

24 short on-line videos teach you a step-by-step program. There are 2 options: e-learning or blended learning. E-learning is watching the videos and blended learning is watching the videos and having 5 Skype or video interactions with an FMF instructor.

academy TRAINING

Steven teaches the Fluid Motion Factor Program at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Orlando. There are 3 options to learn the program there: a 3 hour program, a full day program and a 2 day program, which includes unlimited follow-up, in person, by phone or Skype.

Free training session

This Free Training Video answers a fundamental question; how is fluid motion produced and why it breaks down. It will also give you valuable insights as to why you play well one and not the next, even though it felt you were doing the same thing both days.

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Books by Steven Yellin

Fluid Motion Factor

Fluid Motion Factor: Understanding the Source of Exceptional Golf is a revolutionary book that goes into detail as to why golfers play consistent one day and not the next. This understanding is what is missing for most golfers. If someone does not thoroughly understand why they play well, then there is always a mystery on the course.

The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes

The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes takes you into the minds of super-star athletes and describes how they are able to perform so well and so consistently. The fascinating concept is that when any athlete executes a successful motion, they are experiencing identical processes in their mind.

Steven Yellin and Fluid Motion Factor

Steven Yellin has developed a revolutionary training program that allows athletes to be more consistent. He has a company that has worked in seven professional sports, including MLB, NHL, NBA and the NFL. He started his company with former World Series hero Buddy Biancalana of the Kansas City Royals. Steven has worked with golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and Asian Tour that have won five Major championships and over $75 million in prize money.

As a senior in high school, Steven won the Florida state high school tennis singles championships and was a member of the championship team. He went on to have a successful college career playing #1 singles at the University of Pennsylvania and being a member of the All-Ivy team. He also had a win over John McEnroe while at Penn.

In his senior year, Steven had a deep Zone experience that changed his understanding of sports. It led him on a life-long quest to develop a simple and powerful program to teach athletes in all sports how to set the subtle conditions that allow them to access what they already own, fluidmotiongolf.com, zonetraining.net. There is one process in the mind that when an athlete accesses, the body is free to do what it knows best. Steven calls this process the Fluid Motion Factor. It is not based on sports psychology, but on how the mind produces fluid motion in every sport. Accessing this process usually comes and goes on its own volition. Steven teaches golfers how to access it on demand. It will make you a more consistent golfer very quickly!


What is Fluid Motion Factor?

 Is this sports psychology?

 Do I have to fully understand this neurophysiological process in order to be successful with the program?

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